How to create MetaMask wallet? A step by step guide

For those who haven’t bought a NFT before (and don’t have a MetaMask wallet yet) but would still like to support Ukraine, we have prepared a guide that will ease you through the entire process.

install metamask plugin


Minting Peace Koala isn’t available on mobile devices. If you want to support our mission, you will need desktop computer.

Browser extension

To use MetaMask, you will need to use a Chromium-based web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Brave. Head to the MetaMask website and select your chosen browser. Click "Install" for your chosen browser, which will take you to the associated download page. The steps we will go through here are based on the Google Chrome browser but will be applicable to other browsers.

Head to the MetaMask website and select your current browser. Clicking "Install" will then take you to the download page specific for your browser.

install metamask plugin

For Chrome Users - You’ll be redirected to the Chrome Web Store. Click "Add to Chrome" followed by "Add extension".

install metamask plugin

Create an account and wallet

Click on "Get started" and then "Create a wallet". You will be prompted to create a password for your digital wallet and agree to the terms and conditions.

install metamask plugin

The secret seed phrase

Next, you will be shown a list of 12 words. This is your seed phrase and can be used for the recovery of your digital wallet if you forget your password.

This seed phrase is extremely important and must not be shared with anyone else.

Anyone with your seed phrase has access to your cryptocurrency. Write down the 12 words physically or store them somewhere offline such as a thumb drive.

install metamask plugin

Verification of seed

Verify your seed phrase on the next page by selecting the words in the correct order. Once verification is complete, your MetaMask digital wallet will be ready to go.

Your public wallet address

Once you have MetaMask installed on your web browser, you can now deposit cryptocurrencies either from an exchange or your hardware digital wallet.

Click on the MetaMask extension icon at the top right of your browser to open it.

install metamask plugin

Hover your mouse over "Account 1" (will have a tiny "Copy to clipboard" message). Click on “Account 1” - this copies your “public address” to your clipboard.

Paste this address into the first field of sign up form to have guaranteed spot during pre-sale period.

That’s all! Congrats! Thank you for supporting our mission!